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the full moon prompted me to try a tarot spread. i rarely read for myself unless i have an actual problem to solve, but you can only do so many practice readings before you get bored! so i'm trying this non-positional spread i found on Mary K. Greer's blog. it's originally attributed to Charles San and he uses majors only, but i'm going to use the full deck. the interesting part is the selection of the cards. for the central significator count out six cards and deal the seventh one out. count out two and deal the third one for the seven circling cards.

my significator is the knight of pentacles, methodical and reliable. probably a reference to what i'm trying to do with this time blocking thing. supported on the left and right by the king of cups and the two of pentacles. the two agrees with "daily" matters, the king reminds me to be smart about it and kind to myself, to not treat the "schedule" as another thing to contort myself into.

the three top cards are three of cups, nine of wands, and the lovers. it looks like the significator knight is riding towards that pinnacle nine, again warning of burnout and over-committing, even if it's just to myself. but the nine also forms a barrier between the general social life and my time with the partner. maybe it's advice to find more together-activities that aren't our recent group-activity. recently we've been playing BG3 with some friends and it's eating into alone time, and draining me a little of my social battery. if i'm recovering i can't be engaging with my partner as attentively as i'd like to.

the bottom of the spread holds the page of cups and death. seeing as we had literal death in the family very recently, it might be a recommendation to keep in touch with family, check in on each other, and reminisce about the deceased. warm words and messages. maybe even messages to and from the deceased? a return to more regular offerings?

the whole left side is cups speaking to an emotional month. generally summer is quite full of family occasions, so with the recent death they all might be a bit more tender and require more attention than a symbolic good-wishing.

the right side has the lovers and death on either side of the two of pentacles, a balancing act between eros and thanatos? reminds me of what i hope to achieve with this time blocking, alternating generation and passivity. a mental tilling of the soil, for want of a less destructive metaphor. shaking things up, looking under rocks, inspiration.

overall i'm happy with this reading. it's an interesting spread i might want to try again. even though there aren't any assigned positional meanings, the geometry of the spread allows for an intuitive grouping of cards into logical sections.

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