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flat exploring:

it's rare that we actually get an appointment for viewing a flat, so it's wild to have gotten two in one week. alas, both are a no-go. but! when we went to see the first one, partner and i discovered a few new green areas to explore. as well as treating ourselves to some fried good ("5 generations of fryers!") delicious but slightly deadly. and today the second flat had a dog-friend in it! they were sniffing my hand very intently. so that's another little bonus.


i've been quite energized to tidy and declutter more. optimize, organize. we've been searching for a flat for a long while and there's no guarantee we'll succeed this year. might as well keep trying to make this place more pleasant. so far i'm really only truly happy with the bedside area, but the art storage is beginning to shape up as well. and of course the tarot decks, quite a few have already left the nest. i think there's room for improvement in the kitchen, except i'm not sure what could even go there if i tidied some storage out properly. there's also probably wiggle room in the wardrobe. i'm already quite minimal there, but i also find it difficult to let things go, unless they're absolutely unusable anymore. i wear the same few tshirts over and over, the same two hoodies, i could give away the stuff that's kind of... there and not reached for, for some reason. and of course since clothes are few the wardrobe serves as general storage as well but not sure there's anything more we could do there.

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