setting: it's late, the night air is warm and smells fresh with the woods nearby. the crescent moon glows behind slowly drifting clouds. makes me want to re-read a certain series of books again (hi, i was obsessed with the raven cycle).

listening to: gods and monsters, mokadem remix

thought i'd start easy and casual - hi, you can call me dogboy (that's a little guy i like to draw). recent days have been busy, partner and i are traveling soon to visit family. it's been a lot of extra little errands and i was craving a distraction, hence i finally made the jump and started a little blog/website. i'm really not tech-savvy but i love the idea of small web. truly nostalgic. maybe one day i'll make a big website, a fancy website. in the meantime i appreciate something easy to use that finally enabled me to give it a go. looking forward to exploring the feed and all the rabbit-holes of linked pages.

hope you find something here to enjoy too. so far i've only filled in some basics and started on my tarot corner. next: figuring out how i want to organize a links page.

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