home again

setting: back at my desk again, damp belgian air clinging the cold to everything

listening to: merchant of dreams - matteo tura

well, i'm back. i'm ready to start doing things. the artistic plan of action is to finish the mini sketchbook and start on a mini zine. i've never done one of those, so it'll be an adventure, figuring out layouts and such. also hoping to try


maybe it can be a record of project progress. or just a mix of things - knocking things off my ideas list, my reading list, doing some example tarot readings to link to the appropriate pages on the site? who knows!

also, the apartment needs a long overdue dusting and sweeping, some mold treatments. and a restock of the fridge and pantry. can't leave just yet as i'm waiting for the nurse for my last vitamin shot. it's going to be an interesting first day back.

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