collecting non-tarot stuff from the internet!


paulina mirowska - kick-ass visual artist
sci-fi novel by eros discordia
dyani's little pond

useful art resources

mapcrunch - random landscapes
tokyofashion - outfits
hel-looks - outfits
arthur - "a digital exhibition platform"
booooooom - another art platform
lospec - color palette inspirations


my noise - amazing collection of ambient noise generators
sun ray by calm whale (unfortunately includes some love and light appropriative crap)
soma fm - commercial-free online-only radio

knowledge and learning

open educational resources initiative
inaturalist - species identification system
compost - a magazine about the digital commons
solstice school - a free interdisciplinary conference on the fediverse


low tech webring
fungus friends webring
creepy horror webring
transing the internet webring


a magnet poetry tool
beepbox - an online music making tool
james sinclair hand-crafts variant sudoku puzzles
elian script


havi brooks, a wise compassionate person
david explains hokku, check out the whole tag