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for the first time in a long while i've gotten an inkling of a spiritual/magical ... thing. concept. way. for a long time i've been Trying. and that counts but it's not that inspiring organic feeling where the right thing comes along. my Trying has mostly consisted of mantra meditation and the aramaic prayer as gratitude and a magical formula, and i'm sure they'll keep serving me in various situations.

i don't know what use the new thing is and if it will keep my interest. but i see themes in my life as streams. the bright gold stream of ancestral spirits. the shimmering (maybe silver, maybe holo) stream of awe/serendipity/magic. the sky blue stream of hmmm spaciousness? the desire for less, for breathing room, simplicity. open space and brain down time. the rich green current of gaia, Life. and not sure of the color, maybe pink, the stream of self expression and creativity.

they form a certain "spatial" relationship, except - being metaphysical - they kind of wrap around at the top/bottom into a loop. they're all always present, just in different percentages/arrangements. this reminds me a little bit of my understanding of reality as a "web" for lack of a better term. how everything is interconnected, and how the whole "web" moves (which i call "the wave", but of course the movement happens in all sorts of ways, rippling along the web's connections). maybe i'm recognizing the most important strands of my web (on a certain level. originally i meant the thing most literally, particles and energy in the physics sense). maybe this is a good "link" concept, to tie together the physical and the magical.

i already did that last year, bringing down "woo" terminology to apply to real material life. or the other way around, taking concepts of interconnectedness from biology and breathing "woo" into them. yes, everything is connected, but not in some abstract spiritual way. the air i breathe rides on the wind from all over, it reaches up into the atmosphere and touches space. we pass that breath around between each other, the animals, the plants, the water cycle. the ground i walk on, even if it's under a pavement slab, is the same ground that touches the banks of a river, that rises into mountains elsewhere and makes up the earth's crust, touching its deeper layers. maybe this new web thing is another useful way of linking the physical and the magical...

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