tending to various needs this new moon


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with the new moon it's time for a personal reading, featuring a new spread. this one examines some basic psychological needs plus a little extra from kelly-ann maddox's most recent "tea and tarot" video on youtube (getting more of that joyous sparkle into your life).

i used the "lioness oracle" tarot deck, imagining - as i shuffled - the darkness of the new moon as fertile ground, ready for seeds, almost rumbling with potential. i tried a card selection method inspired by one of those old reading methods i wrote about last month - i counted out a certain number of cards and turned the Nth one over - 4th for safety (as 4 is often connected with safety and stability), then the 3rd for connectedness (as 3 is often the number of growth and community), another 10th for fulfillment (as 10 is often a culmination, an achievement), and finally the 7th for excited joy (as i'm looking for a magical, lucky feeling - traits associated with the number 7).

where can i find a sense of safety in this lunar month? - 5 of pentacles.

what can make me feel safe is making sure i tend to my health and physical well-being, especially allowing myself weaker moments and properly resting and/or asking for help. there are ways to offload/outsource even the most basic of my responsibilities and i should take advantage if i really need to. (hell, if i kind-of need to). it's still a source of anxiety for me - not being "useful". but i want to reach the place where not only i believe this total letting go to be safe, but a warm, wonderful feeling too. being taken care of, allowing myself that.

where can i find a sense of connectedness in this lunar month? - 7 of cups

i take this one to mean my varied interests. that's the upside of having many - there are so many places to explore if i want to find people interested in the same things. even just on the one small discord server i joined there are people into tarot, games, people sharing my nationality, my other identities. embracing the multiplicity and engaging with the people already in close proximity. there seems to be an emphasis on nature and mystery, so maybe it's simply referring the novena i'm planning. it's definitely a great feeling of connection, following the same steps with thousands of people over the world. but i will make a list of all the interests and related places i could explore if i were longing for human connection in particular.

where can i find a sense of fulfillment in this lunar month? - ace of pentacles

interesting to associate fulfillment with newness. how can potential bring fulfillment? unless again it's referring to things i know are coming into my life - new beads, new tarot book. maybe they will indeed fulfill the promise that inclined me to get them in the first place. it could also indicate that many "things" have that fulfillment potential, it just needs to be developed and nurtured - i already have a draft of a post about trying to "make friends" with my tarot decks, that whole project is a study in fulfillment. could be an indication to seriously dive into it.

when i was flipping the cards i mistook this for the four of pentacles. in that image a great shield in the center guards four coins peeking out from behind it. here the center is a giant coin with four roses surrounding it. there could be a link - develop from potential to routine, a familiar stability, and that will be satisfaction enough. develop the feeling of abundance, really appreciate my treasures etc.

where can i find a sense of excited joy in this lunar month? - 6 of swords

this is an unusual six of swords, it's someone sitting on a rock and cooling their feet in dark water with rose blooms floating on top. ignoring what i "know" about the card and just looking at the image, i'm drawn to the sense of relief and pampering, and these simple pleasures just out there, offered by the world completely for free. but that doesn't exactly feel an "excited" type of magical, more of a quiet awe. there's also a sense of great depth to be explored, but taking things really easily, delighting in the first steps of something.

what i "know" about the card is: bringing together different ideas for a surprising effect, engaging with art and philosophy, good conversation, feeding the mind. i have felt a slow drift towards better magical alignment recently. often it manifests through these stepping-stones of ideas arriving in my life, as if following a trail of breadcrumbs, or stringing up bead by bead of Something New to slowly reveal a building whole. i don't know how to manufacture this phenomenon so i can only hope this card is more predictive and be on the lookout for more of these signals to follow and explore.

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