getting to know the somnia tarot


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the somnia tarot arrived today, and i started working with it through a little interview:

who are you? Ace of Coins - an opportunity, a seed of a treasure. it's less about what i am and more about what you do with me.

what can i do with you, what are you a seed of? the Moon - plumb the depths of the subconscious mind, develop a deep connection with your intuition, explore the magical unknown.

does that include connecting with spirits? Ace of Wands - yes, but i get the feeling it's saying "source" more than particular "spirits".

and how can i grow this seed, develop that understanding? 5 of Swords - keep striving, keep reaching. each obstacle, each discomfort, each new idea can be an opportunity to work with the deck and explore the world/self through the magical lens.

ok, spurred by that last one i asked a few more questions about source, spirits, the subconscious, and intuition. here are the answers:

source is The Sun - truth, joy, authenticity. It Is What Is. can be literal - the sun is the source of our life, we wouldn't have food without it. combining the two - source is everywhere and everything, including the "mundane". it's modified by the Seven of Swords - it's easily hidden, it slides from our grasp. it's easier to think of it as something mystical out there, or metaphysical, not really real. but life, source, renewal - it's all here and now, if only we open up to the experience of the truth of what is, its immediacy. in fact, thinking too much is not encouraged and can lead you astray.

spirits are the Nine of Coins - a part of nature's abundance, perhaps deeply related to the physical, like source itself. spirit arises from the material, whether an individual or a collective of... something. like a spirit of a place encompasses a whole ecosystem. modified by the Emperor they are certain types of structures, life expanding into various forms and niches not accessible by all types of beings.

the subconscious mind is the Six of Coins, another type of structure, storing overflow from the over abundant stimuli assaulting the conscious mind (harmonious union and work of opposites, conscious-subconscious, overt-covert). modified by the Two of Coins it's a constant shifting, churning, re-configuring of the elements of our daily lives. it's not static until voluntarily tapped into, things bubble up and sink continuously if we just observed.

intuition is the Page of Swords- that questing, probing tendril, a basic, foundational mode of communication with spirit. does it go outwards,or does it invite inwards? is it you plucking information from around you, or is it making a space for answers you need and serendipitously having them filled from outside in? either way it requires a beginner's mind and trust in the unknown. modified by the Ace of Swords - it's both the signal "out there" and the ability of your "eye" to catch that glint, make that connection. insight like lightning leaders.

lots to stimulate the brain-cells here!

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