a spread i made based on marion woodman's three principles of feminine psychology: presence, process, paradox. i tend to use this one when i feel like a check-in is in order, say for a new moon, but don't really have a question or issue to tackle.

Presence: here and now is all there is

1. What's distracting me from the here-and-now-ness?

2. How can I soften that, loosen its hold (but not "overcome", think more zen)

Process: the way IS the goal

3. What am I trying to do/what's the "goal" that's taken over and distracted me from my journey?

4. Where does my journey actually want to take me, organically? Where do i need to be right now? (Might be counterintuitive, seemingly moving away from the "goal" of the ego)

Paradox: holding the tension of different perspectives is "whole-making" (fear and love, certainty and surrender etc)

5. What's an opposition that's been bothering me?

6. How can I expand my heart/mind to hold that paradox?

Or - the paradox can be read in a true luna hammond way (previously part of the tarot diagnosis duo): both things can be true + pull two cards