my stuff:

a tarot deck i made

most used spreads:

presence, process, paradox - 6 cards
investigating a problem - 4 cards
"general reading" - 6 cards
my ultimate spread - 7 cards

(examples coming soon)

other writings:

(how i read - coming soon)

slowly figuring out my own meanings for the trionfi della luna deck

favorite tarot books:

some external resources about learning and reading marseille and other pip-style decks:

tutorial on discovering your own understanding of pip cards

minor arcana as reflections of majors

get wacky and play!

other tarot resources:

t. susan chang's epic series on the decans, another tarot giant

raven's tarot site - one i refer to most often for thoth references

best write-up of elemental dignities

other cartomancy resources:

archived version of the hedgewytch cartomancy method

ana cortez's "playing card oracles" series. these videos cover most of what's in her book

excellent summary of camelia elias's books, includes antiziganist vibes (yeah she's like that, don't give her money)

serge pirotte's blog, a mix of lenormand and tarot reading examples and tips

other divination resources:

digital ambler - geomancy section

tarot blogs:

parsifal's wheel divination

just for fun:

queens of fate - a solitaire game to play with tarot

tarot telling for two - a story telling game using tarot for prompts

anamnesis - a solo journaling game using tarot for prompts